Remember to use caution! Even though these recipes are all natural some people may find them irritating and in some rare cases people may be allergic. Medical attention should be consulted if you or anyone near the areas being sprayed or treated exhibit any strange symptoms.

Always use caution when applying treatments to plants around young children or house pets. Be mindful that some liquids may stain fabrics or delicate woods, so move plants away from funiture to apply. And remember to respect beneficial insects and wildlife when using any of these recipes outdoors.

Test all insecticides, commercially made or home made, on a small area of your plant to be sure that no damage to the plant will occur. Don't make the situation worse be rushing right in and hosing an already infected plant with chemicals.

PlantFirstAid.com will not be held responsible for damages caused by you as per our disclaimer so please use caution at all times with information here or any place else you may find it.